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House in Mediterranean style

During the creation of this interior design, architect Anastasia Balashow gave a lot of attention to replanning of the flat which is situated in old home. Main aim of the planning is to create more spacious premises. As the result the corridor, living room, kitchen and dining room were united and closets and bedroom were made into separate area with its own door. Main décor solution was the usage of natural finishing materials or those that look natural.


Classic interior

Working on this interior, architects tried to display main directions that are typical for classical style. In this project living room is connected with kitchen area, which is determined by functional need. In color scheme main role is played be cold cream shades complimented by warm tones of tree shades, which is abundant in the design. This and massive furniture in classic style and fire place and portal that is decorated by massive columns.


Eastern Shades

Interior of this small flat is made in modern style with elements of eastern décor. Color scheme is mainly made of warm natural tones. So beige walls have good harmony with dark wood of floors and furniture. Painting with Chinese writing, carpets that imitate cane mat with is decorated with simple furniture – all of this just strengthens eastern style of interior.


Townhouse in modern Style

Distinct character of the interior in the modern style is smoothness of lines and forms. Using light color furniture, soft lightening – creates atmosphere of continues relaxation. Using bright yellow as a secondary light in a private zone is the original idea of the designer, which makes the interior warmer. This interior can be rightfully considered as a fruit of architect working with the light.



Modern mix

Apartment on the Dubai Marina

Design of the apartment according style may be delivere to Modern mix style. The mix of the neoclassic and art deco plus east elements – своеобразный эксперимент архитектора. Весь образ квартиры построен на противоречиях, но главной чертой стали неординарность, удобство и, безусловно, комфорт. Все детали интерьера гармонично сочетаются, не противореча друг другу.

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В Европе уже давно известно имя непревзойденного архитектора Джина Новела. Его многочисленные идеи нашли свое воплощение на улицах современной Европы.


Ванная занимает очень важное место в каждом доме. Это помещение, в котором мы бываем, минимум два раза в день, когда умываемся перед сном и после сна.

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